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Photograph of microgreens in a glass planter on Native's bar top

Welcome Home.

Native was born with the intention to look at the heart of our region: from the craftsmen to the produce, from the familiar to the novel. Join us on our journey to explore and rediscover the beauty hidden around us.

Interior photograph of Native's first floor restaurant featuring it's blue mosaic bar top
Photo of a dining table featuring Native's food dishes and cocktails being eaten by seated guests

floor 1

Share a Meal.

Focused on soul food and the comfort it brings, the restaurant takes a fresh look at the familiar flavours from our memories. With a largely vegetarian and pescatarian menu that is meant to be shared family-style, it is the perfect space to gather over a warm meal. 

Interior photograph of Native's second floor bar featuring its graphic metal bar top and stools
Photo of a signature cocktail on a tray featuring tasting ingredients at the second floor bar

floor 2

Enjoy a drink.

Our drinks have always been vehicles for stories– be it about the cultures that inspire them, the ingredients that bring them to fruition, or the spirits themselves, carefully crafted by masters around the region. Come by the bar for a drink and trace its history with us.

Interior photograph of the third floor tasting room with a fermentation bar area and a skylight
Photograph of a collection of jars and beakers full of fermentation starters and cocktail ingredient

floor 3

Discover some funk.

Fermentation is a key in unlocking a myriad of flavours, and one that we have experimented with in various ways. Our seasonal fermentation menu is an exploration of ingredients and techniques, celebrating the transformations that food and drink can undergo.

Find Us

52A Amoy Street
Singapore 069878

+65 8869 6520


Restaurant: Mon - Sat, 5pm - 10:30pm

Bar: Mon - Sat, 6pm - Midnight

Sunday Closed

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